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It's your plan, we'll help you build it!  

Today's investment climate offers unprecedented opportunities.

Our mission is to help you take advantage of those opportunities by providing you with:

A clear understanding of your current financial status – as well as your future goals.

Multiple “What if...?” scenarios based on your unique situation.

“A Business Plan for Life” (personalized guidance and leadership through these “What if...?” scenarios).

From financial management to investment and retirement planning, risk management and estate conservation.

We specialize in helping you develop a comprehensive, cohesive investment plan that fits your unique needs and enables you to meet both short- and long-term objectives.


A Deep History In The Industry And Community

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin

 We launched as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor in 2010, with a focus on helping our clients actively manage their investments. We firmly believe we have honored that commitment and will continue to do so. 

The FSC Difference: Vision, Approach, And Service are the Pillars of Our Commitment to Clients

Focused on providing clarity, direction, and advice

Our role is to lead, coach and work with clients to improve their lives, every day and in every way as we:

  • Make it a priority to completely understand your personal & financial goals. 
  • Respond with a well-defined roadmap to achieve those goals 
  • Provide ongoing advice to adjust the roadmap as needs change.

Tactical & Value Strategies and Dynamic Analytics

Our Dynamic Analytics approach helps to make informed decisions with an active & quantifiable method that filters the noise with a:

  • Mathematical based process that reduces risk and seek profit. 
  • System that is fluid yet regimented, disciplined, and based on real-world experience. 
  • Database tracks over 2,500 potential investments, looking for trends, while at the same time, calculating exit strategies for each investment.

Our Value Strategies are process driven as well based on:

  • Asset allocation relative to risk tolerance. 
  • Value Calculation based on historical prices. 
  • Re-balanced monthly based on valuations.

White Glove Service Customized to Your Individual Needs

As an independent financial advisor, we’re committed to providing tailored investment strategies and retirement planning for each of our clients.

  • We believe in a holistic and comprehensive approach to wealth management.
  • We remain innovative in our approach to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every one of our valued clients. We specialize in serving individuals, professionals, families, educators, and business owners.

The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team.
— Phil Jackson

James M. Comblo, CFF Photo James M. Comblo, CFF Hover Photo

James M. Comblo, CFF

Chief Executive Officer
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James M. Comblo, Certified Financial Fiduciary

Chief Executive Officer

Quote: “Leadership is not power, it is a responsibility”

As the CEO, my efforts are focused on helping shape the vision for the future of our firm.  My day-to-day responsibilities include; building and maintaining our Tactical Portfolios and reviewing client accounts to make sure they are in line with each client’s specific set of goals and needs. Along those lines, I spearhead our research and development initiatives focused on improving client outcomes helping to improve efficiency and ultimately our client experience. 

My greatest passion is helping others become the best possible version of themselves.  I have spent a large portion of my life coaching athletes both mentally and physically. I bring that same enthusiasm and strategic guidance to support our firm’s advisory team and my clients through their personal and professional journeys.  

In my personal life, family is most important to me. In 2017, I married the love of my life, Marina, and we welcomed two beautiful daughters - Gabby and Lia. I am also a sports fanatic and have been characterized as a voracious reader (I read on average, around 30 books a year)

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Jeffrey A. Scott, CFF Photo Jeffrey A. Scott, CFF Hover Photo

Jeffrey A. Scott, CFF

Investment Advisor Representative
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Jeffrey A. Scott, Certified Financial Fiduciary

Investment Advisor Representative

Quote: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”

I have been a financial advisor for over 33 years focused on delivering great service to my clients every day.  With all the confusion and changes within the industry, I really enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with individuals, families and business professionals to help them make sense of it all.  .  I feel the greatest satisfaction in assisting my clients in setting goals and implementing a workable plan to ensure those goals are achieved.  It is my belief that being able to truly identify with my clients has allowed me to be successful in this business.

I have been blessed with 2 children; now grown, and 2 step “children”, with my wonderful wife, Carol, who also happens to be my traveling and yoga partner.  On weekends you’ll likely find me reading, running, or relaxing at my lake cabin.

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Barbara A. Hogan Photo Barbara A. Hogan Hover Photo

Barbara A. Hogan

Office Manager
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Barbara A. Hogan

Office Manager

Quote: “Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel.”

As the Office Manager for our Wappingers Falls office, I strive to make sure clients have a positive experience by making them feel welcomed whenever they come to visit. Although I have many responsibilities, the most important is always client experience.

I have over 25 years of experience in customer service. I started in our industry as an assistant 20 years ago, being promoted to my current title after 5 years, all of which as a part of the FSC Wealth family.

I live in Westchester County, where I have lived most of my life. My passions include spending time with my children and grandchildren, or snuggling with my two dogs Bella and Frankie. When I am not with them you can find me on a beach. My kids often refer to me as a “Sun-Worshiper.”

Courtney Distler Photo Courtney Distler Hover Photo

Courtney Distler

Executive Assistant
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Courtney Distler

Executive Assistant

Quote: “You learn more in failure than you do in success.”

I’ve been a part of the FSC family for 17 years and have seen lots of changes in the industry.  One thing that remains the same is the need for our clients to receive assistance that is personal, easily accessible and competent.  I am proud to say we’ve always provided that level of service and I’m thankful to be part of a team that goes the extra mile.  

Speaking of miles, in my spare time you’ll likely see me running, it is one of my favorite hobbies and something I have done at a competitive level for many years. Competing in the Boston Marathon was one of my personal highlights.

Neal K. Miller Photo Neal K. Miller Hover Photo

Neal K. Miller

Investment Advisor Representative
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Neal K. Miller

Investment Advisor Representative

Quote: “Just Play. Have Fun. Enjoy The Game.”

As an industry veteran for over 40 years I have bared witness to many changes throughout my career. The one constant that has not changed for me is the excitement and happiness I receive from helping teachers and families create their own wealth. That is the singular goal that keeps me excited and optimistic on a daily basis. I am proud to say, many of my clients have become some of my best friends through the years.

On weekends, I love to sing in my choir or you can find me on the tennis court. More often you can find me spending time with my wife Mary, and two kids Nathaniel and Cassandra at our lake house in Central New York.

Shane J. Clarke, CFF Photo Shane J. Clarke, CFF Hover Photo

Shane J. Clarke, CFF

Investment Advisor Representative
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Shane J. Clark, Certified Financial Fiduciary

Investment Advisor Representative

Quote: “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”

I have been a financial advisor for over 19 years serving individuals, families, and small businesses. I truly enjoy sharing ideas and spending time with my clients as we work through all of the possibilities for their futures to help bring clarity to what is often a very complicated subject. My greatest moments of admiration have often come while working with my clients to set their goals, create a roadmap, and help them accomplish their dreams.

If I am not working you can often catch me spending time boating with my amazing wife and son. In the fall I can be found playing in my men’s soccer league or coaching the girls varsity soccer team at a local high school.

Warren S. Kaufman Photo Warren S. Kaufman Hover Photo

Warren S. Kaufman

Investment Advisor Representative
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Warren S. Kaufman

Investment Advisor Representative

Quote: “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.”

I began my professional life as a Junior High Teacher, a position I held for 32 years. That experience in public education has prepared me for my second act as a financial advisor working predominantly with teachers in the 403(b) program. Although I have been a part of the financial services industry for over 30 years, my passion for starting young teachers off on the right path has not diminished. I feel a strong responsibility to give back to both the teacher community as well as my local community.

Two of my favorite hobbies are Golf and exercising. You can find me on the golf course with my wife as often as possible or spending time in the gym, that’s what keeps us young! I also love to spend time with my family, and our four grandchildren.

Elizabeth Tatis Photo Elizabeth Tatis Hover Photo

Elizabeth Tatis

Client Service Associate
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Elizabeth Tatis

Client Service Associate

Quote: “The only way to make the journey worthwhile is if you enjoy the good and learn from the bad”

At the beginning of 2022, I was lucky enough to join the amazing team at FSC. I am a client service associate, providing support to the Financial Advisors of FSC and their clients. In addition to servicing our clients, I work on developing strategies to engage with current and potential clients through our website and social media accounts.

Outside of work, I am fortunate enough to have traveled the world and experienced many different cultures. I have visited over 20 different countries. I love to hear the stories of people around the world, those who live there along with the other travelers I met while I went about creating my own stories! 

Last but not least - I RECENTLY GOT ENGAGED! #GettingHitched 

Ready For A Change?

Your Ideal Business Is Within Reach.

With all the changes that are happening at banks, wirehouses, and larger institutions, you may be peering over the fence at the independent model to see if it’s right for you.

At FSC Wealth Advisors, we help advisors transition smoothly from a more captive environment to one that empowers and encourages you to be your best—and do what’s in the best interest of your clients. Our primary goal is to improve every aspect of our advisors’ lives. We will assist you to create and maintain a practice which reflects your vision. 

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Contact FSC Wealth Advisors today at (845) 297-0300 or FSCinfo@fscwealthadvisors.com to explore how we can design a more ideal business model for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.
— Thomas Berger

Why should you choose FSC Wealth Advisor’s LLC (FSC)?

What type of Investment strategy does FSC Wealth Advisors offer?

FSC Wealth Advisor's employ's two different investment strategies, we offer a fully tactical strategy that is very fluent in and out of different market sectors trying to find opportunities when they appear. We also offer a Value strategy/ Asset Allocation Strategy using Modern Portfolio Theory. The value strategy is rebalanced quarterly, within certain parameters of the original allocation.

Who creates the portfolios?

We work with two Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), which construct and maintain our portfolios'.

Why should I work with a financial advisor?

An advisor will maintain an objective, unemotional viewpoint while working with you to assess your current needs. The advisor will help you set up a plan for your future often times using techniques and strategies not available to individuals outside of the industry. They will hold you accountable as well as always be available to answer and questions you may have, or, be there to offer solutions to new problems as they arise.

Advisors are an invaluable resource to millions of families across our country, we only get one chance at this life and an advisor will help you make the most of it.

How often can I expect to hear from my Financial Advisor?

Each advisor will work with their clients through every step of the way, toward reaching their goals. They will meet in person, talk over the phone, and communicate through email. We feel communication is the best way to ensure our clients stay on track with their personal and financial goals.

All clients will receive quarterly news letters from their advisor. These letters will review the current status of the financial market as well as what to expect from the market going forward.

How much money do I need to start?

There are no minimums to open an account. We do not want to limit the people we can help based on dollar amounts. We use a fee-based model in our firm. That means we don’t require new clients to have a minimum amount of money in the bank or in investments. We can explain more about how we charge and why we believe it’s the best way to do business on our first call.


How Our Fiduciary Standard Protects You

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