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How do I keep My Goals For 2022? 3 Tips


The ball just dropped, it's officially 2022! This will be your best year yet, a new opportunity to set the world on fire. When a New Year arrives, everyone makes their resolutions and swears that THIS is the year they will not break them. In reality, 91% of Americans break their resolutions, but why?

One of the biggest reasons we don’t stick to our resolutions is that we over-commit by making our resolutions unrealistic. As we approach the end of January, if you find that you are amongst the 91% who will not keep their resolutions - now is the time to get back on track or get a new one before the New Year gets away from you. Remember, when making your resolutions this year, you want them to be reasonable enough that you can actually stay true to them.

3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Financial Resolutions:

1. Have A Specific Plan

Sit down and really think about what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. A key is to limit the number of goals, set a clear objective, and have a specific timeline.

For instance, if you have struggled to save money you might have a goal to 'save more money.' But what if we get specific?

I want to save 10% of my annual salary ($50k) by the end of the year. That's a total of $5,000. Being specific makes it real, having only one or two goals makes it achievable. Now you can build the plan that will hold you accountable.

2. Track Your Progress

The old saying "that which gets measured, gets done" rings true with most things in life, especially your New Year resolutions. If you don’t keep up with how you are doing with your resolutions, you’ll likely lose touch with them. Break the goal down into small, measurable targets. If you want to save $5,000 throughout the year, that's $417 per month - a much less intimidating number.

Keep a journal of how you are doing. Not only will this help to keep you honest but will allow you to reflect on how you're feeling about your resolutions. Additionally, it will help to hold yourself accountable and identify patterns that may impede your progress ultimately making you fall short of the larger goal.

You have to standardize before you can optimize. - James Clear

3. Look For Support

There are going to be moments of doubt or regret. Finding trustworthy friends and family members that can be a sounding board and place to find strength in moments of weakness. These people will also hold you accountable which is an essential part of keeping your resolutions. If friends and family see that you are struggling to stay true to your resolutions, they can interfere and help you get back on track so that you can achieve your goals.

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About the Author 

James M. Comblo , CFF
is the President & CEO of Officer at FSC Wealth Advisors. His greatest passion in the financial services industry is helping clients accomplish their dreams in finances and life! To learn more about him click here.