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It’s Time to Make Your Bucket Plan!

Navigating market volatility, taxes, inflation and increasing life expectancy can be challenging when planning for retirement. Invest too safely and you run the risk of losing purchasing power due to inflation while, investing too aggressively can expose you to significant financial loss. Both scenarios can create the risk of you running out of money prematurely in retirement. To address these challenges, The Bucket Plan Best Interest Process can be applied to segment your assets in the order you will need them, taking into consideration income needs, time horizon and tax qualifications.

How can the Bucket Plan help?:

  • For retirees, the Bucket Plan helps to structure assets to provide reliable income throughout retirement, protect against health care expenses eroding their net worth, and ensuring all the assets pass on to the intended beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner.
  • For younger investors, the Bucket Plan helps navigate the challenges of saving for short-, intermediate- and long-term financial goals while ensuring proper tax diversification and a plan for multiple “what if” scenarios.

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