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The SECURE Act Was Passed. 5 Ways it can Affect Your Retirement

As you may be aware of, Congress passed the new SECURE Act on December 19th, 2019. This sweeping bill offers several adjustments to our current laws surrounding saving and preparing for retirement. The SECURE Act is poised to adjust the age caps on traditional IRAs and increase access to tax-advantaged retirement savings accounts. Below we’re outlining the most prominent changes of this new act and how they may affect your own retirement.

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Suitability Standard vs Fiduciary Standard

These days, it seems like everyone is in the business of offering financial advice; Banks, Accountants, Attorneys, and Insurance companies, just to name a few. Most people have no idea on how to differentiate between these choices and where to get good advice. So where’s a consumer to start? A good foundation is understanding ‘Suitability’ vs. ‘Fiduciary’ Advice.

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